Indian Springs | Travel for Bike Lovers

Indian Springs Calistoga Travel for Bike Lovers

It’s been a long and relaxing winter break for us at Iva Jean. I ate and drank too much, shared laughs and tears with family and friends, read great books, and took chilly bike rides. Most importantly for you, I discovered the perfect winter travel spot for bike lovers – Indian Springs in Calistoga. You [...]

Holiday Gift Guide for Bike Lovers | Iladora

Gift Guide for Bike Lovers from Iladora's on Iva Jean

Well ladies, it seems like the world is listening. Iladora recently launched their “Perfect Bike Pant” this fall, I can only imagine what else they have in store. Another Bay Area company with great taste, we asked co-founder Ilana for her holiday gift guide for bike lovers. These are perfect additions to your last minute [...]

Holiday Gift Guide for Bike Lovers | VeloJoy

Velojoy Gift Guide for Bike Lovers on Iva Jean

Velojoy is one of my favorite resources for urban biking and as I said before, Susi is truly an inspiration for all of us in the community. Based out of New York City, Susi’s content is relevant for anyone living and biking in their home city. It’s pretty clear after yesterday’s Her Bike Style post, [...]

Shiba Inu Riding a Bike

Shiba Inu Riding a Bike

I’m not sure how I can make this any more clear. THIS MUG BETTER BE IN MY DAMN STOCKING. We have a sweet little Shiba Inu at home and it’s my dream that she would one day ride a bike with me. No? Ok, that’s wishful thinking.  

Holiday Gift Guide for Bike Lovers | Bike Pretty

Bike Pretty Holiday Gift Guide for Bike Lovers

We all know that Melissa from Bike Pretty is a total babe with incredible style, but did you know that she can put together one hell of a holiday gift guide for bike lovers?! You can add this entire list to my own. Pro tip, click on the image directly to get links to each [...]

Holiday Gift Guide for Bike Lovers | Alison from Eleanor’s

Holiday Gift Guide from Alison at Eleanor's

We’re all putting together our holiday wishlists and finding the perfect present for our loved ones.  Sometimes, it can feel a bit overwhelming. There are so many great things out there for women that bike, and we’ve decided to ask our favorite tastemakers to share their holiday gift guide for bike lovers. First up, is [...]

Pedalbelt Bike Pedal Straps

Pedalbelt Bike Pedal Straps

Let’s be honest, clipless shoes are a total downer off your bike, metal cages will destroy your nice shoes and going without some sort of pedal strap is not an option for most of us. I’ve been riding with wide nylon pedal straps for a couple of years, in an effort to protect my more [...]

Tips for Biking at Night

Tips for biking at night

Fall biking means darker commutes and Halloween has me wanting to take costumed late night rides. Today, we’ve got three tips for biking at night and our favorite gear for following through. Get visible. There are so many easy and stylish ways to light up your wardrobe, from our Two-way Reflective Vest to Vespertine’s Isoar [...]