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Bikes Illustrated, Via Velo Cult.

Gravity Stand

Michelangelo Two Bike Gravity Stand via Public Bikes

Michelangelo Two Bike Gravity Stand via Public Bikes.

My Kind of Toe Straps

Tokyo Fixed Gear Toe Strap

Beautiful leather toe straps with a nice embossing. Sign me up for camel or black – from Tokyo Fixed Gear via Bikehugger.

Deluxe Shopper Pannier

Deluxe Shopper Pannier from Bicycle Muse

Classic 40′s style – perfect for bike to office. Deluxe Shopper Pannier, Cherry, $80. Via Lovely Bicycle! via The Bicycle Muse.

Bent Wood Bike Basket – Yanko Design

Bent Wood Bike Basket from Yanko Design

What a gorgeous way to carry things. Yanko Design Via Sac Cycle Chic.

Bakfiet Beauty

Bakfiet Cargo

I’d carry all of my goodies in this beautiful bike from Bakfiet. Found at Adeline Adeline.

Abici Bike Series


Abici Series bikes from Swedish design company, Note Design Studio. Via Yanko Design.

Ora Leather Bike Bags

Ora Recycled Leather Bags

I love these Ora Leather Bike Bags. Available in deep green, brown, or black leather with adjustable straps to fit all makes of drop handles. Available at Nouvelle Nouvelle in Vancouver, BC’s Gastown neighborhood.