Arm Warmers

Brunello Cucinelli Arm Warmers - Bike Style

It’s getting colder outside and the easiest way to stay warm in your street clothes is to layer. Arm warmers seem to be a pretty easy option – more than gloves but less than a second jacket. New York Times Physical Culture – Gear Test, Arm Warmers. Featured knit warmers from Brunello Cucinelli.

Reflective Pins

Po Campo Reflective Pin - Bike Accessories

Reflective pins from Po Campo. Available in silver, orange and lime – $18.

Bent Plywood Bike Stand from ClankWorks

Pinch bike stand from ClankWorks

A modern bike stand that doesn’t require wall mounting from ClankWorks: Pinch is formed by wood lamination here in the steel city. Designed to take advantage of the natural spring available from this fabrication process, the two halves of Pinch use the weight of your bicycle to firmly lock the rear wheel into place when [...]

Braided Leather

Walnut Studio Leather Drop Handle Bar Wraps

Braided leather drop bar wraps make me swoon. Shop for them and other handmade leather goods at Walnut Studio.

Dolly Jacket

Modrobes Bike Jacket

This high collared jacket is perfect for chilly, windy rides this fall. Via Modrobes via Fourth Floor Distribution.

Fall is Here

Adeline Adeline for Fall Biking

Visit Adeline Adeline online or in the NYC Shop to get yourself ready for some biking.

Tuts and Crash

Tuts and Crash Bike Bag

Seattle based designer Tuts and Crash. I love the buttercream bag.

Support Your Local Bike Shop

Support Your Local Bike Shop by Chris Piascik

Artwork by Chris Piacscik. My shop – Velo Bike Shop, Capitol Hill, Seattle.