Fuuvi Charly Bike Bell

Fuuvi Charly Bike Bell

This bike bell is just enough to make my day and if I can get my ass in gear, it’d be the perfect accessory for a Soma Mixte. Gold, stripes and only $20 – the Fuuvi Charly Bicycle Bell is officially on my wishlist.  

Fall Fashion Bike Style

Fall Fashion Bike Style

It’s time to start layering up for our bike rides ladies, and fall is the perfect time to show off our bike style. Our Reveal Skirt is a great transition piece, cool enough for sunny days and layering with tights on colder days. The Pacific Northwest allows me to be a bit more casual, so [...]

Bike Style | Wide Leg Pants

Bike Style Wide Leg Pants on Iva Jean

I was riding down to our pattern maker’s studio yesterday morning when I started thinking about my pants. Yes, that’s the heavy stuff I contemplate while biking through SoDo. Why is it that we assume our only option is skinny pants? What about a great flared jean or wide leg trouser for fall?!?! I was [...]

Biking in the Rain

Biking in the Rain Outfit

It’s feeling like fall here in Seattle and it’s time to break out my new waterproof rain cape. I got the khaki one for myself because I thought it would pair so well with all the BLACK I wear in the winter, though I’m trying to add a bit more color and pattern this year. [...]

Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week Bike Streetstyle

With all of the buzz surrounding last week’s New York Fashion Week and how I’m waiting to see some great streetstyle shots featuring Citi Bike, I couldn’t help but notice this lovely lady at Paris Fashion Week. Layers, statement accessories and Paris’s Velib – that is perfect bike streetstyle.  

Urbanist Cycling Chamois Panties

Urbanist Cycling Chamois Panties on Kickstarter

I nearly lost my shit when I saw the new Urbanist Cycling Chamois Panties. I’ve tried a few other brands in the past, but none as sexy or minimal as these perfect styles. Quite honestly, these look like a lot of the underwear I wear now and seem perfect for spin class at the gym [...]

Her Bike Style with Anna Telcs

Anna Telcs Her Bike Style

We’re pleased to be featuring Seattle’s Anna Telcs in our Her Bike Style series. She’s one hell of a mover and shaker in the city and a total inspiration for fashion and bike lovers alike. Anna Telcs Title / Occupation: Assistant Buyer at Totokaelo and visual artist Location: Seattle, WA Bike: Aluminum and old school [...]

New York Fashion Week by Bike

New York Fashion Week by Bike

New York Fashion Week starts today and we’re convinced that the Citi Bike will be the hottest accessory this year – it doesn’t look like we’re alone either. If I were trying to get around the madness, you better believe I’d be living on a Citi Bike. “Anyway, should you be ready to put the [...]