Tracey Neuls and Tokyobike

Tracey Neuls and Tokyobike Cycling Shoes

Footwear designer Tracey Neuls and Tokyobike have teamed up to create two new shoes that work on and off your bike. Both new styles are handmade and feature rubber soles molded in a single piece, which are designed to fit comfortably against bike pedals. The Fern is a laced ankle boot with small heels and a [...]

Her Bike Style with Laura Solis

Laura Solis WE Bike NYC Her Bike Style on Iva Jean

WE Bike NYC has been praised everywhere from League of American Bicyclists to Bicycling Magazine for their amazing work getting more people on bikes. Today, we’re going to call attention to their bike style, with our first New York Her Bike Style feature, Laura Solis. Laura Solís Title / Occupation: Outreach Coordinator for WE Bike [...]

How to Fix a Flat Bike Tire

Fix a Flat Tire

Honesty hour. I’ve never fixed my own flat tire. It’s incredibly embarrassing, but I can’t resist letting the gentlemen at Back Alley Bike Repair take care of it for me. Though, before the year is over I’m determined to learn, and oddly, hoping for a flat sometime soon. How do we learn to fix a [...]

Croozer Dog Trailer

Laika Shiba Inu Puppy

There’s a new face around the Iva Jean studio – Laika is a Shiba Inu and she is just about the cutest thing to walk the earth. I hate to admit that I haven’t been on my bike since we got her, but that is about to change. I just started looking for bike trailers, [...]

Biking Tights

Falke Merino Wool Biking Tights

Wondering how to transition your Reveal Skirt to fall and winter biking? Aside from oversized coats and layered tops, we’re stocking up on biking tights for the colder months. Merino wool is my best friend and I love these Falke tights from Saks Fifth Avenue. Riyoko makes mean footless biking tights that are stain and [...]

Foldable Bike Helmet

Carrera Foldable Bike Helmet

This new foldable bike helmet from Carrera may just be the answer to many of our head protection problems. Especially those of the bike share user, the helmet folds to about half size, making it easier to pack in your bag. The helmets come in two models and a variety of colors, from matte black [...]

Oversized Coats | Bike Style

Oversize Coat Bike Style Moynat for Nowness

I’ll be honest, the jealousy is kicking in. It’s all of you ladies riding around in cool, yet dry climates, layering gorgeous jacket over gorgeous jacket. Even though I have a pretty stylish option for rain gear, all I really want to cruise around in is an oversized fur (or faux fur) coat. I especially [...]

Copenhagen Bike Style

Copenhagen Bike Style

Remember when we talked about biking in wide leg pants? Yeah, it looks soooo good on this Copenhagen beauty. I especially love the played down styling of a Carhartt baseball cap and simple white sneakers, effortless bike style.