Solo Ride

Solo Bike Ride

Via Girls on Bicycles.

Smart Fashion

Mercedes Benz Smart Scooter Fashion - Bike Style

Mercedes-Benz Smart Fashion in Tokyo via Notcot. The woman’s leather jacket has a button on back protector while riding… and when unbuttoned it also doubles as a clutch! Protective AND hands free? The designs on the dress are all made of reflective ribbon ~ perfect to keep you safer en route, yet also playful in [...]


Eric Staller Bubbleheads

Bubbleheads by Eric Staller.

Arm Warmers

Brunello Cucinelli Arm Warmers - Bike Style

It’s getting colder outside and the easiest way to stay warm in your street clothes is to layer. Arm warmers seem to be a pretty easy option – more than gloves but less than a second jacket. New York Times Physical Culture – Gear Test, Arm Warmers. Featured knit warmers from Brunello Cucinelli.


Noam Griegst Bike Style

Via Noam Griegst.

Bundled Ride

Winter Bike Style

Via 416 Toronto Cycle Style.

Blue Lug Owl Backpack

Blue Lug Owl Backpack

Very unique design, it expands at the top to be much larger than it looks.  Very lightweight! This batch also has the Pushbike Logo embroidered on the front, along with the Blue Lug patch. I love these backpacks from Tokyo based Blue Lug via Push Bike.

Snow Day

Snowy - Winter Bike Style

Sitting at brunch, we looked outside to notice the first snowfall of the year. Cheers to winter biking. Via Chicks and Bikes.