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Bike Style

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Boneshaker Magazine

Boneshaker Magazine - Bike

Appealing to both bike-heads and those who may not yet have experienced the true joy and freedom that can be found from our two-wheeled friends. Boneshaker Magazine. True love.

Winter Bike Style

Winter Bike Style Chicago

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How Women Look on Bikes

Women on Bikes

When it comes to the female figure, our positioning on a bicycle tends to really accentuate the waist-to-hip ratio – which, according to evolutionary psychology, is the greatest implicit indicator of “femaleness” to the male. Via Lovely Bicycle!

A View

Show Me A Bike - Bike Culture

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Girls in Bern Helmets

The Pedal Pushers Society in Bern Helmets

I like Bern Helmets. Most helmets are either high-tech with little design appeal or over-styled and trying to disguise themselves as a hat (you don’t fool me). Bern Helmets are sleek, simple, functional and retail around $60. Pick one up at The Bicycle Muse or your local bike shop – protect your head. Pedal Pushers [...]

Wellingtons to Ride

Girl in wellington boots on a bike

Water, Wellingtons and Wheels. Love.

Knog Kransky Lock

Knog Kransky Lock at Public Bikes

I’d love to lock my little two-wheeled lady up with this silicone coated lock from Knog. Pick one up at Public Bikes and shuffle through their gift lists for some great finds.