In The Wind

Cycle Chic Sportswear

Via I Love My Bike.

She’s Got Legs

Bike Art

A little kooky – via I Am In Like With My Bike.

Belgium Blues

Belgium Cycle Chic

Via Belgium Cycle Chic.

Led By Lite

Led by Lite Bike Light Strap LED

I can’t help by think about being visible these days – as most of my commute is in the dark on busy city streets. Led by Lite’s LED Bike Strap provides some of the best visibility I’ve seen. I can’t wait until they start shipping in Feb 2011. Watch their promotional video via Treehugger.

Free Wheelin’

Free Wheeling Bike Style - Cycle Chic

We all know this feeling. Via Birds Biking via Born to Be Wild.

Dargelos Lightning Vest

Dargelo Lightning Vest - Reflective Bike Gear

Dargelos has a nice option for reflection – this may be too much for most, but appropriate if you ride on high traffic streets late night. The Lightning Vest is a hand-netted, highly visible safety vest made from a custom developed 3M reflective material. It can be worn all year, day or night and layered [...]

Bike in Paris

Paris Winter Bike Style - Cycle Chic

Via Valentine.

Couture Meets Helmet

Burberry via Velojoy

We struggle to find the right helmet – could Spring 2012 be the answer? A recent article in the New York Times Style section asked “Which came first — the bicycle helmet or the caplike fashion visor?” It was a reference to helmet-like caps that topped off many runway looks for fall/winter 2011 and then [...]