Boxer Bicycles

Boxer Bicycles Seattle Handbuilt Bikes

Seattle handcrafted, Boxer Bicycles. Boxer Bicycles offers exquisitely hand-crafted, elegant and fast bicycles for discerning riders. Built around a larger tire, our bicycles travel quickly on roads of varying conditions. Sturdy, lightweight fenders let you continue riding through various weather conditions. Lightweight, powerful lighting enables you to ride into and through the night. Perfectly mated [...]

Red Riding

Red Heels on Bikes

From Chicks and Bikes.

Nona Varnado

Performance Couture by Nona Varnado

Performance Couture by Nona Varnado. The design premise is a total dedication to beauty and form, something that has been missing from women’s sport fashion. Apparel is anatomically designed to compliment a woman’s body while remaining comfortable in a wide variety of circumstances from commuting by bike to socializing.

Chucks on Bikes

Converse Chucks Bike Style

Another great bike style shot from Vanessa Jackman.

Simple Style

Bike Style

Simple bike style via The Blade via Birds Biking.

Pleats Ride

City Bike Style

Via Birds Biking.

Vanessa Jackman

Vanessa Jackman Bike Style

Great photos from Vanessa Jackman.

Lou Mistraou

Lou Mistraou

The mistral cultivates paradoxes, but one thing is for sure, when it starts blowing, better protect yourself ! The Mistral 2011-2012 Collection from Lou Mistraou.