LFLECT Reflective Chain

LFLECT Reflective Chain

Reflectivity is everywhere. The days are getting shorter and we seem to find ourselves in dark situations, both on foot and bike more often. From PoCampo pins and Ryde Safe Reflective Decals to Vests from Dargelos, Vespertine and Iva Jean – you’re bound to find a way to BE SEEN. Most recently, I stumbled upon [...]

Cinch, Pull and Gather

Kenzo Resort 2013

Cord pulls that adjust and gather a piece are such nice details, especially when you are planning to hop on your bike at some point. We’ve used a lot of cord pulls in our Iva Jean products because it adds an extra level of design detail, playfulness and functionality. Kenzo has used similar detailing in [...]

Ready for Rain

Ready for Rain from VeloJoy

Via VeloyJoy.

Georgia In Dublin – Hustle & Bustle Jacket

Georgia in Dublin Hustle and Bustle Jacket

This is right up our alley – a stylish rain jacket with a little bit of detail that goes a long way when riding. The Hustle & Bustle Jacket from Georgia in Dublin, $242 (190 Euro). The Hustle & Bustle is mesh lined and has an inside pocket at the front and a larger pocket [...]

Creme Cycles

Creme Cycle Caferacer

I’d love to test ride the Caferacer from Creme Cycles. The semi-upright position will give you a perfect balance between comfort and speed, whilst the front rack will be ideal for carrying your groceries, laptop or just about anything else that you need to take with you. But take note that the Caferacer is not [...]

Masked Rider

Michael Ormerod Child in Mask on Bike

Happy Halloween. Michael Ormerod, Child in Mask on Bike via Milim Gallery.

Tokyo Bike

Tokyo Bike Bisou White

Two minimal, yet brightly colored bikes at a bike rack caught my attention a month ago. I took a closer look and noticed that they were both Tokyo Bikes. I finally got around to looking them up and have fallen in love, especially with the above Bisou White. A Cro-Mo Steel Frame, 7-speed Shimano TOURNEY, [...]

Acorn Bags

Acorn Tubular Bicycle Bag

Waxed canvas and leather bike bags, $69-$109, Acorn Bags. Acorn Bags is a husband/wife team dedicated to creating traditional bicycle bags… with a few new twists. Our goal is to create simple, yet functional designs that you’d be proud to strap on your bike. Each bag is handcrafted in Southern California.