Bike Essentials | Never Leave Home Without

Biking Essentials from Iva Jean

When I gave up my car in 2007 and switched to walking, busing and biking to work, I realized that I needed a few different things in my bag. I also realized that those bags were heavy! So here it is, the six bike essentials I never leave home without. 1. A multi-5 or 10 [...]

Biking Palm Springs

Bike Palm Springs

We’re spoiling ourselves and spending the week at the Ace Hotel and Swim Club in Palm Spring. Our time is split between getting around town on two wheels and sipping cocktails poolside. Our ride to the Workshop Kitchen and Bar last night was a super easy bike on the city wide loop and dinner did [...]

Bike Art by Pia Bramley

Bike Art by Pia Bramley

Bike Art – Girl Gang by UK artist, Pia Bramley.  

Women’s Bike Resources and Rides

Biking with Friends Conde Nast Traveler Amsterdam

Many of us have heard of the “willing but wary” or have friends that want to start biking, but just don’t know how to get started. I was asked to write about resources, rides and reads available for women that want to bike for the Walk Score Blog – something I’d been wanting to do [...]

My Wonderful Bike Partner by Katarina Soskic

Wonderful Bike Partner by Katarina Soskic

This is taken from a lovely photo story of a girl and her bike, “My Wonderful Bike Partner” by Katarina Soskic. Taken in Berlin, this story reminds me of my time in the city (one of my favorite in the world) and makes me wish it were just a lit bit warmer here in Seattle. [...]

Handlebar Bag by Mercy & Ruth

Mercy and Ruth Handlebar Bag

Founded by sisters, Sunshine and Natalie, Mercy and Ruth offers “carry-some” handlebar bags that are perfect for bike to bar (or brunch). Available at Eleanor’s NYC, $64.  

Bike Friendly Hairstyles

Bike Friendly Hairstyles from Simply Bike

Alison from Eleanor’s NYC did a fantastic post for Simply Bike on seven bike friendly hairstyles. From low double knots and retro up-do’s to headscarves and turbans, this is making me wish I still had long hair underneath my helmet. We all know how the feeling of stepping outside with your bicycle, dressed to the [...]

Family Bike

Family Bike New York

I love this (presumably) mother and daughter moment caught waiting for the L Train in Manhattan. It’s such an inspiration to see a family bike together, I imagine that time spent together feels a little more special than time in the car. Via A Cup of Jo.