Public Bikes

Public has some swoon worthy bikes. This San Francisco based company is carrying three styles of bikes, each with a variety of speed options. I’m all over this creme mixte – eight speeds would do just fine in Seattle.

These bikes are absolutely beautiful and functional, but there is a movement behind them. Owner, Rob Forbes, has something much bigger in mind. “Our bikes are designed to help make city life a little simpler and a little more fun. Our real mission is to help make our communities more enjoyable.”

Sunny Biking in Copenhagen

This cluster of photos were taken from my last days in Copenhagen (June 2009). It was such a joy to finally have some sun and see a little more summer bike style apparent. View the full album here.

Chicks and Bikes

Chicks and Bikes (as much as the name makes me cringe) has a great collection of photos featuring, you guessed it, chicks and bikes. The one featured above (no source provided) appeals to me – I love the classic American styling that looks so good on a bike.

Biking in Copenhagen

These photographs were taken during my first days in Copenhagen (June 2009) – please take note that these Danes bike rain or shine. I was constantly amazed by the differences between the culture of biking in Copenhagen and Seattle. The infrastructure, as well as the culture, created a situation for everyone to bike easily. View the full album here.

Biking for Gelato

Zina D posts the sweetest juxtaposition from her bike ride.