London Bikes

Riding in London is a bit more aggressive than in the other countries I visited. I imagine that biking in London is similar to Manhattan – there is great infrastructure in place but drivers are aggressive and traffic is heavy. Nevertheless, there were plenty of people out biking every day.

Drop Sequence

I have this gorgeous print from Snowblinded’s Anthony Cozzi hanging above my desk. Love it.

Rock n’ Roll Style

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Sunsets on Bikes

This makes me want to live in Southern California – watching the sunset via the handlebars of my boyfriend’s bike.

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Berlin Bikes

The bike culture in Berlin was a little different than that of Stockholm and Copenhagen. I would compare it to the art scene – the lifestyle is a little less put together and pretentious. At first, I thought that Berlin didn’t share the cycle love, but after 2 minutes I realized that it was there. The streets are faster & the traffic is faster, but Berlin has made significant efforts to make biking an easy form of transportation with most roads having bike lanes & many intersections hosting bike-specific traffic lights.

My time in Berlin was nothing short of amazing. I totally fell in love and still declare that I will live there someday.