Bike Pretty Reveal Skirt Giveaway

Bike Pretty and Iva Jean Reveal Skirt Giveaway

This August, the adorable Melissa of Bike Pretty took the Pencil Skirt Challenge and we totally changed her world. So, starting today and running through December 2, Bike Pretty and Iva Jean have partnered up to change yours. We are giving away a Reveal Skirt to one of our lucky fans.

Listen, I’ll wear almost anything and ride my bike, but a pencil skirt? No effing way. You see, the tight fit through the thighs makes it impossible to actually pedal my bike. I know this from experience. Bitter, bitter experience. Enter Iva Jean, turns out they’ve figured out how to make a bike-able pencil skirt.

It’s super easy to enter and chances are that you’ll be biking in your pencil skirt everyday!

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Pedalbelt Bike Pedal Straps

Pedalbelt Bike Pedal Straps

Let’s be honest, clipless shoes are a total downer off your bike, metal cages will destroy your nice shoes and going without some sort of pedal strap is not an option for most of us. I’ve been riding with wide nylon pedal straps for a couple of years, in an effort to protect my more precious heals and leather kicks. They are not branded very well and while the Velcro makes it nice for adjusting to different shoes, the whole strap has looked pretty rough since the beginning.

Pedalbelt Bike Pedal Straps

That’s why Pedalbelt had me at hello. Handmade leather pedal straps with brass details, these babies will only add to your bike style. Pedalbelts are durable, easy to install and come in various colors (I love the honey brown). I can’t believe I missed their Kickstarter campaign, but have an email in to get my hands on a set asap!


Cold Weather Bike Style

Cold Weather Bike Style

The weather has cooled down and I find myself looking for ways to master cold weather bike style. This pic is definitely going up on my inspiration board. First, this jacket is perfect from fit to color. Second, her different shades of black to grey make the whole look more interesting and casual. Finally, that bag is a great match, it complements both color ways without feeling to matchy.

Image via Trendencias.


WE Bike NYC | WE Party 2

WE Bike NYC WE Party 2

Iva Jean loves loves loves WE Bike NYC. Come on, more women on bikes? Yes please. Great bike style? Yes please.

That’s why we hope that all of our New York City fans, make sure that you get yourself to their annual fundraising party at Grand Victory at 7pm. Their programs have grown exponentially this year, and your contributions allow them provide FREE rides and bike maintenance education to women throughout five boroughs. Expect music, dancing and other bike-related entertainment, as well as a chance to win two new bicycles from Adeline Adeline and Brooklyn Cruiser, awesome bags and other bike-related gear and accessories from sponsors like Red Lantern Bicycles, Bicycle Paintings, Irving Farm Coffee, Planet Bike, Recycle-a-Bicycle, Transportation Alternatives, GiveLoveCycle, Chrome, and many more.

Get it on your calendar and support women’s empowerment through bicycles.


Tips for Biking at Night

Tips for biking at night

Fall biking means darker commutes and Halloween has me wanting to take costumed late night rides. Today, we’ve got three tips for biking at night and our favorite gear for following through.

Get visible. There are so many easy and stylish ways to light up your wardrobe, from our Two-way Reflective Vest to Vespertine’s Isoar Wings and Dargelos Lightning Vest. Shoes like the new ones from Tracey Neuls and Tokyobike and knits from Dion Lee add even more of reflectivity. If you’re feeling crafty, you can add LED lights or reflective thread to any pair of gloves.

Light up your bike. Has there ever been a time when cyclists had so many options for sexy bike lights? Easy to install lights like Knog Frog Lights, Beacon Lights, and Bookman Lights top my list. Though more complex systems like RevoLights are perfect for someone that spends a lot of time riding at night. If you just need a little extra light, try these Mustache Decals from RydeSafe.

Stay alert. Know the rules of the road and stay in tune to your surroundings. Much like daytime riding, we shouldn’t assume that motorists, pedestrians or other bikers see us. Cross intersections with care and always ride defensively.

How do you stay safe at night?