Dolly Jacket

Modrobes Bike Jacket

This high collared jacket is perfect for chilly, windy rides this fall. Via Modrobes via Fourth Floor Distribution.

Cyclists and Why They Love Their Bikes

Why they love their bikes - Freewheelers

A great series, Freewheelers on Babelgum where cyclists talk about why they love their bikes. Featuring Caz from London Cycle Chic.

Via Good.

Flowing Blouses and Higher Heals

Jak & Jil know bike style

Via I Am In Like With My Bike.

Rain and Rain

Bike in the rain illustration

The rain has been a little out of control the last couple of days – I miss my bike.

Igual Voce via Attitude Brasil via Lisbon Cycle Chic via Sac Cycle Chic.

Chieftan Airbag Bicycle Helmet

Chieftan Airbag Bicycle Helmet

Chieftan Airbag Bicycle Helmet

I love the Swedes. Why? Because they bring us the Chieftan:

Chieftain is a bicycle helmet unlike anything available on the market today. A stylish, ergonomic, handy helmet that meets all safety requirements, while remaining unobtrusive and blend with your other clothes.

Via Good.