Reflective Pins

Reflective pins from Po Campo. Available in silver, orange and lime – $18.

Downtown from Behind

Downtown from Behind - New York Bike Style

Downtown from Behind, a multimedia project:

NYC. Every street below 14th. Filmed and photographed. From behind, of you riding your bike.

DFB on Tumblr via For the Love of Bikes.

The Art of Biking

The Art of Biking Joseph Griffiths

Mixed media installation from Joseph L. Griffiths.

Bundled Biker

Paul Frank Bike

Via Lars Daniel.

Bent Plywood Bike Stand from ClankWorks

A modern bike stand that doesn’t require wall mounting from ClankWorks:

Pinch is formed by wood lamination here in the steel city. Designed to take advantage of the natural spring available from this fabrication process, the two halves of Pinch use the weight of your bicycle to firmly lock the rear wheel into place when on display.

Via I Am In Like With My Bike via Fresh Goods.