Solo Ride

Solo Bike Ride

Via Girls on Bicycles.

Smart Fashion

Mercedes Benz Smart Scooter Fashion - Bike Style

Mercedes-Benz Smart Fashion in Tokyo via Notcot.

The woman’s leather jacket has a button on back protector while riding… and when unbuttoned it also doubles as a clutch! Protective AND hands free? The designs on the dress are all made of reflective ribbon ~ perfect to keep you safer en route, yet also playful in a club. The skirt can be shorted with a quick tug to create cute rippled accents and bring it to a perfectly short length ~ but if that length may show a little too much when you hop on the scooter ~ easily lengthen it while riding!


Eric Staller Bubbleheads

Bubbleheads by Eric Staller.

Arm Warmers

Brunello Cucinelli Arm Warmers - Bike Style

It’s getting colder outside and the easiest way to stay warm in your street clothes is to layer. Arm warmers seem to be a pretty easy option – more than gloves but less than a second jacket.

New York Times Physical Culture – Gear Test, Arm Warmers. Featured knit warmers from Brunello Cucinelli.


Noam Griegst Bike Style

Via Noam Griegst.