Woo hoo

We’re funded and ready to start production. This is sort of how I feel right now. Via FYGB.

Caped Style

Caped Bike Style

Via Franz-Michael S Mellbin.

London Twist

The Sartorialist London Street Style

London cycle style meets tomboy chic. I’d die for some trousers with pockets like that. Via The Sartorialist.


I have had the most amazing adventure with Iva Jean over the last couple of years. I was recently asked to share my story on Huffington Post and it really made me think about how many amazing people I have met, the challenges I’ve faced and the dreams I’ve seen come true. I want to take a minute to thank all of you that have supported our mission; that bought a Rain Cape before anyone else; that voted us the Grand Prize Fashion Winner for DailyCandy’s Start Small, Go Big contest; that rides with style every time they bike; and most recently that have backed our Kickstarter Campaign.

A heartfelt thank you to a few people that have made Iva Jean what it is today:

Bart Kaufman. Your belief in IJ keeps me going, I love you more than you know.

Katie Walag. Thank you for replying to my blog post 3 years ago and being one the most talented and amazing women to work with EVER. XO

Kristine Carlton and Jenny Mae Miller of Atelier Verdigris. You two are such a critical part of my team. Thank you for being a trusted resource and helping us achieve the quality products our customers deserve.

Marques Kirsch. Thank you for believing in my idea and supporting the effort.

Kyle Johnson. You, so perfectly, captured the look and feel of Iva Jean. Your talent amazes me and I am grateful that I get to work with you.

Carmen Rose King. You are my girl. Your beauty is so much bigger than that gorgeous face. Thank you for embodying my vision and showing that every girl can be romantic, mysterious and strong.

Kent Colony. You killed it. This video gives me chills. I can’t wait to work together again.

Ashley Chanel Robles and Jenny Crimp. I feel so fortunate to have worked with you girls. You are beautiful, sweet and have that certain fire every woman longs for.

So much love for Strath Shepard, William Scott-Blair, Megan Dodge, Hitchcock Madrona, Ute Foliart at Unique Textile Experts, Meredith Howard and Ashley Parrish at DailyCandy, Cricket Griesman at Schoeller Textiles, and the staff at Seattle Fabrics.

Finally. Iva Jean Ehrhart. Thank you for showing me the joy of making and creating. I love and miss you every day Grams.

LFLECT Reflective Chain

LFLECT Reflective Chain

Reflectivity is everywhere. The days are getting shorter and we seem to find ourselves in dark situations, both on foot and bike more often. From PoCampo pins and Ryde Safe Reflective Decals to Vests from Dargelos, Vespertine and Iva Jean – you’re bound to find a way to BE SEEN.

Most recently, I stumbled upon the LFLECT Chanel style chain.  Each is handmade in London and available for $39 (25 pounds). It’s absolutely elegant, understated and can be worn many ways.