New York Fashion Week by Bike

New York Fashion Week by Bike

New York Fashion Week starts today and we’re convinced that the Citi Bike will be the hottest accessory this year – it doesn’t look like we’re alone either. If I were trying to get around the madness, you better believe I’d be living on a Citi Bike.

“Anyway, should you be ready to put the pedal to the metal, there’s a Citi Bike station on West 16th Street, right around the corner from Milk Studios, and another close to Lincoln Center, at the corner of Broadway and 60th Street.”

Check out Bike Pretty’s response to the piece and her collection of chic New Yorkers on Citi Bikes.


Bike Ready Fall Fashion

Fall Fashion Bike

Someone turned the switch on fall here in Seattle. I’m already planning out my look as the weather cools down and biking gets a little less glamorous. Here is the first round of inspiration for bike ready fall fashion.

1. I live in cropped black trousers, they are easy to dress up or down and look super cute with a pair of sneakers or heels (or rain boots).
2. Words words words! I’m totally jumping on the clever t-shirt or sweatshirt bandwagon for fall.
3. Mixing prints and patterns, this look is so much fun when done right.
4. A utilitarian / masculine rain jacket or cape, I’ll be wearing our khaki waterproof cape as the rain starts coming down.
5. Ankle length dark denim is another staple, so easy to wear and pair with everything.
6. Oversized wool coats, especially in a bright color, are a sophisticated way to stay warm and dry.

What are you wearing for fall?

Images via Cup of Jo, Harper’s Bazaar, and The Streetstyle.


Bike Style | Camo and Flowers

Summer Bike Style

Let’s talk about mixing styles, textures and colors! I love the styling from this shoot, riding around in a white lace dress, Doc Marten boots, camo jacket and floral headband, perfect for late summer bike style.

Image via


Reflective Jewelry

Reflective Jewelry Tassle Earrings and Necklaces DIY

The Seattle Art Museum asked me to host a DIY event last weekend and it was a perfect opportunity to make some reflective jewelry, just right for women that bike. In addition to climbing rope bracelets adorned with reflective tape and bright color thread, the afternoon was all about TASSELS! These turned out so well that I decided to share the tutorial on the blog. These necklaces or earrings can be another way to stay visible as our days get shorter.

What you’ll need:

  • Reflective thread and/or embroidery floss
  • 1 strands of 30-inch colored thread
  • 1 5-inch piece of scrap thread
  • Earring hooks, 2 jump rings OR necklace chain or leather necklace
  • 8-inch long piece of cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Thick sewing needle

How to Make Them:

  1. Wrap your thread tightly around the cardboard. Tie your pieces together at one end of the cardboard and not the center.
  2. Repeat with next bundle.
  3. Gently pull embroidery thread from cardboard and tie the center tight with a five inch piece of thread.
  4. Cut the loop ends, making the fringe of the tassel.
  5. Pull down the fringe and shape your tassel.
  6. Start half an inch from the top of your tassel and tie a knot with your two accent colors.
  7. Wrap your first color around the tassel 1/4 of an inch down, then knot firmly. Next, wrap the second color string. Knot both strings together and trim.
  8. Use your scissors to clean up any uneven strings, making the fringe on the bottom clean and straight.
  9. With a loose piece of embroidery thread, tie the tassel to a jump ring and then add the jump ring to the earring hook.


Around Town with Iva Jean

Shot in Seattle’s Pioneer Square neighborhood, Ashley wears the Iva Jean Reveal Skirt, Daily Blouse and Two-way Reflective Vest as she takes in a sunny bike ride and coffee with friends. Video by Kent Colony, art direction by Ann DeOtte Kaufman, model Ashley Chanel Robles.