City Style | Pastels With Bite

Pastel City Style

Honestly, I’m a little shy of pastels. Sometimes those sherbet hues are over-sweet. But looks like these keep the sugar to a minimum and fit perfectly into the city landscape. A witty mix of tailored pieces with casual ones creates the kind of surprise that gets my attention and turn heads on a bike. I can’t decide which outfit I like more: do you prefer pink with your blue, or blue with your pink?

Chic Travel: Trip To Europe | Iva Jean

Packing list for Europe by Iva Jean

Europe in the spring! Now is the perfect time to go, before peak season. Pro tip: though we love chic athletic shoes at home, the trend doesn’t always translate abroad. Pack sophisticated sandals like these Medwinds espadrilles instead, $138. When sandal time is done,  we love the MM6 by Maison Martin Margiela, $195, because what’s more fun than bright pink on a derby shoe?  All eyes will be on you in these Waiting for the Sun Essential bamboo sunglasses, $175. At the beach, we’re liking the comboo of the Jamdani cotton sarong, $96, with this Beautiful bottoms plume print bikini, $135. Between a pair of bold-printed bottoms like these  Master & Muse x H Frederiksson cupro pants, $433 and a go-anywhere chambray top like Madewell’s Perfect ex boy-friend shirt, $69.50, you’re set for chic travel. Minus, of course, our Iva Jean Racer Tunic, now $100 on Kickstarter.

What will you take?


Iva Jean New Collection Preview

Iva Jean New Collection Functional Style 2014

Iva Jean started as a brand for the fearless and passionate city girl, the ladies that live in the moment, that are effortlessly sophisticated, the women whose lives demand functional style.

Iva Jean New Collection Functional Style 2014

We could not be more excited to share our newest collection with you, because honestly, it was designed for you. Made with the same values of our previous pieces, the new line includes wardrobe staples that go beyond the bike – from long walks through your favorite neighborhood and urban hikes to a day at the office, road trips and far away adventures – our garments made for these moments.

Iva Jean New Collection Functional Style 2014

Keep an eye out, we’ll be launching our Kickstarter campaign next week. Eek!!!


London Bike Style

Katherine Poulton Bike Style

This bike style is pure play! I love the origami folds on the dress, and vibrant two-tone is dazzling against the London backdrop. Her granny-chic knit accessories are just plain fun. You can pick up your own knits from The North Circular, made from 100% British Wensleydale wool from rescued sheep.

Image of designed Katherine Poulton via Vogue UK.


The Brompton Folding Bike

Brompton Folding Bike

This is the Brompton, the folding bike so popular that its riders call themselves “Bromptonauts.” What’s all the fuss about? Its beautiful English design looks distinctive and elegant. Constance Winters of Lovely Bicycle reports that it feels solid and agile on the road.

The steel frames of most Brompton bikes mean that though they’re not quite as light as some other “folders,” they are built to last. They are also very compact—perfect for tucking under a desk or cafe table. At the lighter end is their part-titanium S1E-Xs, which at 20 lbs I could manage on heels without tipping!

Bromptons are definitely one of the priciest folding bikes on the market ($1,329 for the 3-speed M3L from NYCEWheels), especially once you factor in accessories. Since all parts are proprietary, you’d better hope you’re not in too far-flung a place if something breaks. Is it worth it? There definitely seems to be an element of cult enthusiasm to the “Bromptonauts.” But if you fall in love with the design, it just might be.


City Style | Athletic Meets Sophisticated

City Style Athletic and Tailored

As a city girl constantly on my feet and running around town, I love the trend of mixing athletic and tailored garments. Nike Air Max sneakers with a slouchy “suit” and crop top or an oversized cashmere dress? This is what I call modern city style.