Bike Friendly Cafes and Restaurants

Bike Friendly Cafes and Restaurants

I’m thrilled to see studies suggesting a positive relationship between bike lanes and restaurant revenue. Still, not all cafes and restaurants are equal when it comes to courting cyclist business! Some places are hard to lock up at within the block; some are just less than friendly.

Here’s a few places in Seattle and farther afield with a bike friendly business model.

  1. In Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood, Peddler Brewery explicitly caters to cyclists. Step inside for a brew, and you can also make use of their pump and bike stand for quick tune-ups.
  2. Also in Seattle, Café Presse boasts one of the city’s several iconic bike racks built to resemble a car (and show, indirectly, how much less space each bike occupies). It’s also your go-to place for viewing the Tour de France.
  3. Fuel Coffee, a café that has expanded into multiple locations in Seattle, actually sponsors a cycling team! Some mornings you can see the 20/20 Fuel Cycling Team grabbing a cup before a ride.
  4. I can only envy New Yorkers for places like Red Lantern Bicycles, which not only sells and repairs bikes, but will sell you a latte while you wait for your bike to come back from the shop.
  5. Montreal’s Maison de Cyclistes is a combination cafe and bike shop located at the intersection of two major bike paths. Us Seattleites, we’ll just have to keep waiting!

If you’re unsure of where to go in your town, the first step towards figuring out which places will welcome your hard-pedaled dollars is to check out the Bicycle Benefits sites. Bicycle Benefit is a nationwide program that gets you discounts all over town for being a cyclist. $5 gets you a helmet sticker that entitles you to 10% off at places as various as wine bars, restaurants, hardware stores and breweries.

What is your favorite bike-friendly spot?

Images via Peddler Brewing, Milk in the City, and Smith Ratliff.

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