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Well ladies, it seems like the world is listening. Iladora recently launched their “Perfect Bike Pant” this fall, I can only imagine what else they have in store. Another Bay Area company with great taste, we asked co-founder Ilana for her holiday gift guide for bike lovers. These are perfect additions to your last minute holiday shopping.

Gift Guide for Bike Lovers from Iladora's on Iva Jean

Gold Nutcase Helmet // In the bike fashion world rarely do we see fashion photography that includes a helmet. Finally someone is making a helmet that doesn’t just protect the money-maker – it is worthy of some photography. My mom is getting me the gold Nutcase helmet for my birthday later this month. They were incredibly helpful and friendly; mom was impressed and chatted them up on the phone for quite a while.

Motley Goods Pannier Backpack // Here in SF we have some friends who are creating fun products for us ladies who prefer to keep the bags off of our backs while we ride. Our friend Cleveland of Motley Goods has managed to create a simplistically beautiful Pannier Backpack – perfect for attaching to your bike during your commute, and carrying it when you’re walking. Every one of his bags is hand made with the utmost care, making it easy to guarantee long time use.

Everlane Cashmere Sweaters // Due to it’s incredible wicking and insulating capabilities I am obsessed with wearing and biking in anything wool – thus a firm believer that every woman needs a fantastic cashmere sweater. A problem with cashmere – affordability. However, Everlane is now creating Grade A Cashmere sweaters for the ladies (and gents) at a price that makes me smile. Everlane preaches Radical Transparency when it comes to the retail prices of their garments. I love their colors and their basic style which enables women to put the staples back into their wardrobe.

Bike Net // Something else small, inexpensive and incredibly useful if you’re a rider with a basket is this bike net. I use it every single time I ride my bike. I just keep it attached to my basket at all times and nothing ever bounces out of my basket as a result.


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