WE Bike NYC | WE Party 2

WE Bike NYC WE Party 2

Iva Jean loves loves loves WE Bike NYC. Come on, more women on bikes? Yes please. Great bike style? Yes please.

That’s why we hope that all of our New York City fans, make sure that you get yourself to their annual fundraising party at Grand Victory at 7pm. Their programs have grown exponentially this year, and your contributions allow them provide FREE rides and bike maintenance education to women throughout five boroughs. Expect music, dancing and other bike-related entertainment, as well as a chance to win two new bicycles from Adeline Adeline and Brooklyn Cruiser, awesome bags and other bike-related gear and accessories from sponsors like Red Lantern Bicycles, Bicycle Paintings, Irving Farm Coffee, Planet Bike, Recycle-a-Bicycle, Transportation Alternatives, GiveLoveCycle, Chrome, and many more.

Get it on your calendar and support women’s empowerment through bicycles.


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