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Girl Bike Community

We’ve spent the month of November sharing some of our favorite community bike organizations, from WE Bike NYC and World Bicycle Relief to Bike Works. While some may argue that infrastructure or education are more important, we believe that COMMUNITY is the number one way to get more people on bikes.

There are so many ways to find community in biking. You can…

  1. Volunteer or donate to organizations like World Bicycle Relief and Bike Works that use bikes to empower individuals.
  2. Participate or organize social rides like Kidical Mass, Critical Lass, Cyclofemme, or find other groups through online search or your local bike shop.
  3. Join or start an advocacy group that fights for better bike infrastructure or education in your area, like Cascade Bicycle Club or Seattle Greenways.

How can you find community in your city? We suggest checking out bulletin boards or asking someone at your local bike shop. You can also search online or email your city’s favorite bike blogger (ie Melissa at Bike Pretty – Bay Area, Constance at Lovely Bicycle – New England, Susi Wunsch at Velojoy – New York).

What is your community?


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