Tips for Biking at Night

Tips for biking at night

Fall biking means darker commutes and Halloween has me wanting to take costumed late night rides. Today, we’ve got three tips for biking at night and our favorite gear for following through.

Get visible. There are so many easy and stylish ways to light up your wardrobe, from our Two-way Reflective Vest to Vespertine’s Isoar Wings and Dargelos Lightning Vest. Shoes like the new ones from Tracey Neuls and Tokyobike and knits from Dion Lee add even more of reflectivity. If you’re feeling crafty, you can add LED lights or reflective thread to any pair of gloves.

Light up your bike. Has there ever been a time when cyclists had so many options for sexy bike lights? Easy to install lights like Knog Frog Lights, Beacon Lights, and Bookman Lights top my list. Though more complex systems like RevoLights are perfect for someone that spends a lot of time riding at night. If you just need a little extra light, try these Mustache Decals from RydeSafe.

Stay alert. Know the rules of the road and stay in tune to your surroundings. Much like daytime riding, we shouldn’t assume that motorists, pedestrians or other bikers see us. Cross intersections with care and always ride defensively.

How do you stay safe at night?


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