Her Bike Style with Anna Telcs

Anna Telcs Her Bike Style

We’re pleased to be featuring Seattle’s Anna Telcs in our Her Bike Style series. She’s one hell of a mover and shaker in the city and a total inspiration for fashion and bike lovers alike.

Anna Telcs
Title / Occupation: Assistant Buyer at Totokaelo and visual artist
Location: Seattle, WA
Bike: Aluminum and old school carbon Schwinn road bike, set up with Cyclocross features and squeaky disc brakes.

Tell us more about your personal work and what inspires you. I’m inspired by shape and silhouette. The textile pieces and performances I make are a larger conversation about the psychology of dress and the ephemeral moment attributed to the clothing when worn.

Do you find a connection between biking and the art and fashion worlds? Biking and art are about process- enjoying the getting there as much as the arrival.

How long have you been biking? I learned at age three, never had training wheels either. You can ask my mom if you think I’m lying.  I had the tiniest red bike with coaster brakes from Goodwill.

Anna Telcs Her Bike Style

Anna Telcs Her Bike Style

What made you start biking as an adult? I like to move my body and use it to get where I’m going. The convenience of biking is unbeatable as you can nearly bike the path the crow flies and never have the hassle of parking.  The social aspects are great as well.

You grew up in Seattle, but spent time in New York, which city is your favorite for biking?  The rush you get from coming off the Williamsburg Bridge into the traffic on Delancey is a certain rush for sure, and I like having the luxury of flat ground to allow for a big dutch cruiser bike, but Seattle is far better for biking with it’s hills and fresh air. To bike in Seattle means you deserve a polka dot jersey…

Was there anything that you were nervous about when you started?  I started riding following my sister around, so I don’t remember anything but wanting to get on a bike too.

What are five things that make biking easiest for you?

  1. It’s seriously the fastest way to get around.
  2. I feel like I’m flying when I bike, it makes getting on the bike easy for me.
  3. Having the proper bag can make all the difference, as well as the right bike for your size.
  4. Stretching and doing yoga make my muscles long and lean after hill sprints.
  5. If there’s one thing I feel confident about, it’s my ability to ride in traffic, this helps me get on the road each morning. A lot of people don’t like this aspect of biking, but you get used to it and then good at it with practice.

What is your favorite time of day to bike your city? I love the energy I get from riding at rush hour or the calm settled feeling of dusk. Waiting for the temperature to drop just a little and the briskness of the air.  First thing in the morning is amazing as well.

Anna Telcs Her Bike Style

Where is your favorite route to bike in your city? I don’t really have a favorite route, but I’m pretty set on avoiding the trolley tracks that seem to be going in everywhere I ride, as I work on Capitol Hill and my studio is in the ID.

Anna Telcs Her Bike Style

What tips would you share with someone looking to start biking? Use your ears, they are your best ally while getting a feel for the environment around you. I trust my ears as much as my eyes when I ride, and I would never suggest riding with headphones on.

How has your style changed since you started biking? For me, it’s all about high-waisted skinny jeans with a little stretch in the cotton.

Who is your style icon? I am inspired by effortless street dressing most often, but a really well put together outfit with some calculated planning is also inspiring, like taking your jeans up an inch, or letting the holes get so big in your denim jacket that the arms look like they may come off at any moment…

Do you have a bike shop or mechanic that you go to? 20/20 Cycle on Union is great. I also love John Denver, wherever he is working now, he can fix any derailer issue I can throw at him.

What is the funniest thing that ever happened to you or you saw when biking? I could tell you an ear full!  Google Bike Kill NYC for a start. You see everything from the seat of a bike. While riding through Japan with a couple of friends we ran into three typhoons in one month and I’ve never seen anyone get so mad at rain like my friend from Queens.

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