Bike Style | Wide Leg Pants

Bike Style Wide Leg Pants on Iva Jean

I was riding down to our pattern maker’s studio yesterday morning when I started thinking about my pants. Yes, that’s the heavy stuff I contemplate while biking through SoDo. Why is it that we assume our only option is skinny pants? What about a great flared jean or wide leg trouser for fall?!?! I was wearing my favorite high-waisted flared dark denim and they were just fine for biking, which led me to thinking you all might like some bike style tips for riding in wide leg pants…

1. Get a chain guard, like this one from Linus, $49. 2. Wear a heavier weight pant, this prevents the wider opening from blowing around an getting caught in the gears or spokes. 3. Peg those pants! 4. Grab a trouser strap, I love this leather one from Brooks, $27 at Adeline Adeline.


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  1. Katie says:

    Seriously wanting some wide leg pants for Fall!

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