Biking with Kids | Kidical Mass

Biking with Kids | Kidical Mass by Bike Portland

Kidical Mass is the perfect way to get started biking with kids. It was started in April of 2008 in Eugene, Oregon, by Shane MacRhodes in an effort to get more kids and families excited about riding. He also wanted to put together a little event to celebrate Ted White coming to town (creator of, Return of the Scorcher (1992), a documentary about bike culture that first coined the term “critical mass”). Hoping to do something different than the traditional Critical Mass ride, the term “Kidical Mass” was coined.

“We want our rides to be comfortable for families just starting out and biking on city streets for the first time. A ride like this is meant to help families feel that comfort by having a group to ride with and hopefully they will incorporate it into their daily transportation choice.”

There are Kidical Mass groups in multiple cities all over the states including Portland, Seattle, Denver, Chicago, Minneapolis, San Francisco, and more. No ride in your town? Start your own!

Image via Bike Portland.


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