Coffee Run by Bike

Coffee Run by Bike

I’ve been trying to figure out how to keep one beverage in place while biking, but it looks like she’s figured out how to get four. We talked about the power of a bungee strap a couple of weeks ago, but dang, this is the real deal. Do you have a favorite bike cup holder, especially one that works for coffee? Image via Patterson Maker.


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  1. Teri says:

    Just today I biked from the coffee shop to my office holding a cup of coffee in one hand. I was being so careful, but I always inevitably hit a bump or wobble in the road (not uncommon now in South Lake Union) and splatter coffee on my hand and leg! (Luckily I am wearing dark colors today.)
    Bates Crates has cool hand-built crates with built-in cup holders! Very stylish indeed.

    I’m sure this lady’s friends/coworkers were very impressed when she brought coffee for them!

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