Closco Foldable Bike Helmet

Closco Foldable Bike Helmet

Helmets are one of the first things to consider purchasing when starting to bike. Right away, we all notice a few things – they mess up our hair, they don’t (usually) look very stylish, and they are annoying to lug around off our bikes. That’s why I’m really excited to see Closco Foldable Bike Helmets.

Their first model, the turtle, is capable of reducing its volume to less than 50% of its initial one; allowing a final flat book-like shape in just one simple movement. This means that the helmet can be easily stowed away inside a backpack, messenger bag or tote bag when not in use. Which is perfect if you use your own bike but also a bike share program.

I definitely like a more minimal helmet, but I can appreciate the ability to interchange helmet covers. Closco offers an open source system for covers to promote customizing with customers and collaboration with clothing brands (yes please!). They currently have six colors based in two different styles.

Closco is in the last days of their Kickstarter Campaign. For just $70 you can be among the first to own the Closco Foldable Bike Helmet, I’m tempted.


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