Front Bike Baskets

Stylish Front Bike Baskets

Now that I’ve shared my favorite rear bike baskets, it’s time to talk front of the bike! It seems like the more I ride my bike, the more stuff I tend to bring along, from my lunch and laptop to product samples and sketchbooks. I’ve been debating adding two side rear baskets, but after doing a little digging, I’m temped to add a bike basket to my handlebars.

1. Basil Pluto Basket with Cage Lid, $175 from Adeline Adeline is perfect for carting around your pooch; 2. Wald Wire Front Bicycle Basket, $18.85, I love a  utilitarian solution and this one is perfect for large loads; 3. Brooks HOXTON Wire Basket, $165, this is a great option for those of us looking to carry taller items such as grocery bags, laptops, etc – not to mention – it’s gorgeous; 4. Saskia Korver makes this beautiful bike bag/basket inspired by old military bags, not currently for sale, but still worth mentioning; 5. House of Talents Wicker Basket, $61 from Eleanor’s NYC is great for cruiser style bikes and can hold a ton of stuff.


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