Biking as a Couple

Biking with your partner

Summer biking can be a wonderful way to connect with our partners and lovers – sunshine, dewy skin and chilled wine pit stops. Biking has always been my own thing and while my husband and I have taken a few short city rides together, I could never plan on biking as a couple. Much like any extra curricular, you end up doing less if your partner isn’t on board. This is why I was so happy that my husband decided to bring his bike back to life. I took it in to Recycled Cycles over the weekend and we’re looking forward to plenty of sunny rides together.

From afternoon city rides to camping overnights in the San Juan islands, this Seattle summer is going to be one explored on four wheels! So, do you and your partner ride together? Do you have matching or coordinating bikes? Did you start biking together? Who bikes more?


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  1. Aw, I’m very excited for your summer adventures! And I can’t be the only one curious if this will lead to a men’s line!

    Just yesterday I learned that there are two couples (at least!) with powder coated Surly Big Dummy longtail cargo bikes. (Purple and orange in LA, blue and orange in Minneapolis). Mine is powder coated pink and my husband has declared the next bike that joins our family will be his Big Dummy. So I’m working on convincing him his will need to be green.

    In terms of which of us bikes more, it’s kind of funny. He was very bikey when I met him, having recently retired from racing. He got me a road bike and mountain bike that I barely used back then. He must have been so disappointed! He also got me a beach cruiser that I used almost daily, so it wasn’t a total loss. Nowadays he telecommutes and doesn’t get out with his bike much, but I bike over 300 miles each month bringing the kids various places.

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