Why Women Bike

Women love to bike

If you could tell a room full of women that are interested in biking or a little nervous to get started, what would you tell them? Would you tell them what kind of bike to get or what to wear? How about the best routes or bike shops? Or which areas to extra careful in or the rules of the road? For many of us, that’s where we start, the logistics. Those things are important, but I want to encourage more of us to share the “why we love it” and “this could only happen on a bike” stories.

Let’s encourage more women to aspire to a life on two wheels, to be wooed by the passion and freedom.

I personally, am happiest on my bike. Exploring Seattle on two wheels allows me to see things I would have never noticed on a bus or in the car – peek-a-boo views of the mountains or architectural details on my favorite buildings. Plus, I love showing up in heels and having people ask me if I really rode my bike there.

I got curious what others would say, so I asked a few of my favorite ladies on two wheels why they love to bike…

“I love biking, not just for the fitness aspect, but because its so social. When I ride through Seattle, I see friends on the street and its easy for us to stop and chat or keep riding and exchange a few words. It’s the commonality of biking that makes it my favorite sport. As for how good I look in jeans when I bike, instead of drive?… that’s just a happy bi-product!’” - Anna Rose Telcs, Seattle Fashion Designer, Artist

“Being located in both NYC and Washington, DC, we find getting around our cities by bike is not only convenient but fun.  We feel you don’t need special gear to bike so we designed the GiveLoveCycle Guilden to fill a void of a practical, stylish bicycle bag to take you throughout your daily routine, whether it’s riding past the White House or through Times Square!”Mari and Debra from Give Love Cycle, Washington DC and NYC

“Riding a bike is the most fun, independent, spirited way to move throughout the city. It adds a slice of childlike energy to my daily routine. When I arrive by bike, I will always arrive in a good mood.”Rachel Ravitch, Seattle Designer 

“I love using my bicycle to get around for a number of reasons, most of all the feeling of freedom. I am enchanted by being able to smell the flowers in spring and the icy wind from the mountains in winter. In Seattle you can view the Cascades and the Olympics on most routes through the city. Unlike in a car or bus, you are able to pull over onto the sidewalk and chat with a friend, and parking is always free!”Sonia McBride, BabeCycle, Seattle

“I love biking because it is invigorating and relaxing at the same time. I like to feel the wind in my hair. I also get all my best ideas on my bike.”Maria Boustad, PoCampo, Chicago

“Besides it  being efficient and a workout bonus, it’s the best way to fully experience the city.  When you’re in a car or bus, you can only see Amsterdam. I want to smell it and feel it too…wind and, yes, even rain.”Bethany Papenbrock, Producer, Amsterdam / Seattle

“Riding a bicycle in New York City is the most efficient way to travel. There’s no waiting for a bus or a taxi — I just get on my bike and go. And while others sit and stress in traffic, I’m outdoors, taking in the city views and enjoying some exercise on the way to my destination.”Susi Wunsch, VeloJoy, NYC

“What I love about my bike commute are the smells.  My ride takes me past the aroma of coffee shops, whiffing the fragrance of blooming bushes and through the enchanting sea air.  Inhale, exhale, I arrive ready for the day.”Juliette Delfs, Hub & Bespoke, Seattle

We want to know why you love to bike, leave a comment or use #love2bike to share on Twitter or Instagram and share your story.


9 Responses to “Why Women Bike”
  1. Katy says:

    I commute to my office on my bike, dressed and ready for work (even on hot days…I cool off in just a few minutes). I love MANY aspects of biking, but one of the top is that I arrive at my job–at meetings around the city, and at home–clear headed and invigorated. So much energy!!!

  2. Bike Pretty says:

    Love this!!!!
    So many people mentioned the smells. It hadn’t occurred to me before, but some of my best bike memories are fragrance-related:
    -riding past the Tazo tea warehouses in Portland one summer
    -the mysterious baking-brownie smell on the ride south of San Francisco
    -the fresh air and growing things on the way to my mom’s house in the suburbs

  3. B. Rainbow says:

    As a male cyclist, I’m glad to see many of the same reasons by women cyclists. I love seeing the people in the neighborhood on their bikes. And at times on a nice day, we outnumber the drivers! I love the less-direct scenic routes on my bike. Funny, because they really don’t make any sense in a car- lots less traffic, the views, the gardens, really… everything. Thanks Ann!

  4. Aimee says:

    When I am on my bike, I am fast and graceful and strong. I move at amazing speeds and keep up with most others. It’s been a confidence boost, that’s for sure, but also an awakening to the power and strength I didn’t know I had. I’m not winning races or setting records, but when I’m on my bike I am no longer land bound, I fly!

  5. concrete_jungler says:

    I love the freedom. I can take it easy, or kick it into high gear to get somewhere. I don’t have to wait for anybody or anything. I love the solidarity of cycling and the social aspects – people have mentioned running into friends and being able to stop quickly to say hello, catch up and continue on. Free parking! And not having to look for parking! Yes, the added bonus of exercise… Mostly I can’t explain it. I think if I was asked “What would you tell a group of women interested in cycing?” I would just say: Do it. Just get on a bike and ride. If you’re meant to be on it (and most of us are!), you’ll keep pedalling.

  6. Emily says:

    I ride because bikes are fun. Mountain bike- BIG fun. Road bike- fast fun. Cyclocross- muddy fun. Fixie- drinking beer with friends fun. Cargo bike – powerful fun. Commuter bike – destress from work fun. Commuter bike with trailer towing my daughter home – hard working fun.

    Biking can encourage confidence especially in women. Biking, especially urban biking for commuting or errands, gives a sense of accomplishment into everyday life. It is good to feel strong. It is good to be strong. Biking makes me strong.

  7. Mr. CATSOE says:

    After almost 70 years.. It is STILL a lifesyle..!!

  8. Dear friends, I ride my electric bike and I am very, very happy, because I fell very , very strong, and for bike , bike makes people friendly. Im my city ( São Paulo – Brazil ) it is very , very dangers to gou by bike , but I have being ridding for the last 4 years and my life changed complitly, because I don´t now any more what is traffic jam !!!
    Congratulations for your blog and to all my friends that use bike to go far way !!! Life is beutifull !!!

  9. Alice says:

    I ride most days to get to work, to the shops and visit friends. Instead of grand buildings to ride past I have farming fields, and houses and quiet-ish roads. Sometimes its a struggle to get on the bike because the weather can be wet and windy and cold,, but the benefits are well worth it. Fitness, robust immune system, alert at work, clear skin, and a sense of achievement every day. Traffic jams are a thing of the past. I notice all micro changes in weather and daylight which happen every day, plus the all importasnt wind direction and strength.. I am tuned into the outside world as much as the inside world. Love this blog.

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