Bike to Work Day Style

Bike to Work Outfit
I couldn’t be more excited to welcome sunshine and warm commutes into my life. For many of us, it means bare legs, sunglasses and little pops of color during the ride. The Reveal Skirt has become a Spring staple for me and if I had an unending closet, this is what I’d be pulling together for my Bike to Work Day outfit.

From top left clockwise: Valentino Long Sleeve Pullover, $2,500 (you can pick up this look-a-like from Willow & Clay for $47.20); Micheal Kors Griffin Sunglasses, $105; Sahn Helmet, $129; Cole Haan Monroe Reflective Penny, $99.95; Iva Jean Reveal Skirt, $160; Orly Genger by Jaclyn Mayer, $170.


4 Responses to “Bike to Work Day Style”
  1. Pinqpixie says:

    $2500 pullover to ride a bike to work? Really? I would love to see you do that!

  2. Ann says:

    We know it’s pricey, but oh-so beautiful. That’s why we posted the $47.20 look-a-like.

  3. KK says:

    Nice selection. I especially love the helmet.

  4. I love that look! The top is gorgeous. I’m getting those reflective loafers in the mail this week, I can’t wait! I am waiting for the month that I can splurge on your skirt. Then I can copy this whole look! : )

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