Bike to Work | Get a Co-worker on Board

Bike to Work with Co-workers

May is Bike to Work Month in most cities across the US and plenty of women and men will be commuting to work for the first time. Co-workers and employers can play a huge part in getting someone started biking – it was how I got motivated to bike in Seattle.

I encourage all of you (men and women) to reach out to your office mates and get one new rider on board, whether for the entire month or just Bike to Work Day (dates vary by city). Here’s how…

  1. Share your story. How did you start? Why do you still do it? What is the best part? What is the hardest part? How do you freshen up at the office? What do you wear? Or share this story from a novice rider in Grist.
  2. Offer to help them find a bike to rent, borrow or buy. Bike shops and Craigslist can be overwhelming for someone that doesn’t already bike or know much about biking.
  3. Buy them Everyday Bicycling by Elly Blue. This easy read is perfect for anyone interested in biking for transportation.
  4. Help them plan their route. Pull out a map, mark it up and offer to ride it with them on a weekend.
  5. Be a resource. Share your your favorite links like Tips for Commuters by the League of American Bicyclists, city specific guides and tips (like this post from Seattle Bike Blog), or Top Ten Tips for First-time Bike Commuters and How to Bike to Work and Enjoy it from Momentum Magazine.
  6. Ride with them on their first (and second or third) day. Leave a little early and offer to stop and grab a coffee and pastry on the way.
  7. Continue to encourage and recognize them. Don’t forget to tell your that you noticed their bike parked outside or ask them how it’s going and give them praise for getting choosing to bike.

P.S. If you’re in New York, take them to No Sweat: A Girls’ Guide to Bicycling in New York City with Susi Wunsch of VeloJoy and Julie Hirschfeld of Adeline Adeline.

P.P.S. Women need more opportunities to ride together – create your own or join a CycloFemme ride and invite a co-worker or friend on May 12 and tell the world that WE RIDE TOGETHER.

Image via Velorution.


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