Stylish Pants for Biking

Stylish Pants for Biking

Earlier this year we asked what women were looking for in the perfect bike pants and what they currently were wearing. Most said that stretch, skinny cut and versatility were the winning factors – lucky for us, these are all on trend. That said, we are still faced with rear exposure from low waists and the never ending search. That’s why I’ve got another round up of my favorites – this time, stylish pants for biking.

1. Gap Legging Jean, these have quite a bit of stretch, a mid-rise for coverage, and come in sooo many colors, on sale now for $39.99 2. Outlier Daily Riding Pant, these pants are legendary with 4-way stretch and doubleweave fabric (similar to our skirt), made in New York City, $225 3. The J.Crew Minnie have been my go-to pants for biking since I started, a straight cut and perfect for the office, $89 4. BDG High-rise Twig Jeans from Urban Outfitters are a great weekend option, super stretch and a high waist for guaranteed coverage (also available in mid-rise), $58


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  1. BIKELEPTIC says:

    YOWZA! Those are awesome styles! The first one looks a little high on the ankle, meaning my socks better be cool or I’ll look a little dorky with my clipless shoes. Not everyone rides with classy heels or ballet slippers!

    Let’s start looking for slacks in the sub-$50 range! This page just started being passed around Facebook with my group of friends and that was the first thing that they said – our interview clothes don’t even cost that much and we can’t ride in those! I don’t think most of my entire outfits cost as much as a single pair of those pants!

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