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Biking Essentials from Iva Jean

When I gave up my car in 2007 and switched to walking, busing and biking to work, I realized that I needed a few different things in my bag. I also realized that those bags were heavy! So here it is, the six bike essentials I never leave home without.

1. A multi-5 or 10 tool, like this gold one from Crank Brothers at Adeline Adeline 2. Powder Puff by Kevin Murphy for helmet hair fixes after my ride 3. a compact brush or comb with mirror for touch ups and a quick comb through 4. Wet Ones for the grease and dirt you are much more likely to face on a bike  5. The Multiple by Nars (I use Orgasm) which will make those cheekbones pop 6. Knog Lights provide extra illumination for late night commutes.

What do you keep in your bag? Anything you wouldn’t leave home without?


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  1. divya says:

    a pair of cheap stretchy gloves, just in case. Nothing worse than cold hands while biking! (and in SF, every night is cold enough to need gloves if you’re out late enough!)

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