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Stylish Bike Bags

Finding the right bike bag for your commute can be challenging – hell, it’s hard enough to find the right bag if you aren’t on a bike. I consider myself a basket girl (that way most bags will work), but there are times when I could use a bit more storage. This is why I’ve got a round up of my favorite bags for stylish ladies on two wheels.

1. I love the utilitarian qualities of the High Above Cuben Mountain Rucksack, $225 and made in Seattle 2. My longtime favorite – Dargelos Trans//porter, $210 3. My current go-to city bag, perfect for any commuter, Baggu Canvas Backpack, $42 4. The Londonberry Classic Satchel at Adeline Adeline caught my attention in a big way, $495, can be carried four ways 5. The Sacagawea Carryall from Materials & Process is a beautiful backpack, $400, made in San Francisco 6. The Sac from Linus is a waxed canvas bag that attaches to your bike or carries like a tote, $69

What is your favorite?


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  1. Danielle says:

    Public Bike’s Pannier – it’s also converts into a backpack and tote!

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