Carrying Your Bike

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I keep my bike on the first floor of our apartment. It used to make me nervous, but I never had the energy to carry it up three flights of stairs.

Do you have to haul your bike up and down stairs? If you do, have you seen the bike frame handle from Walnut Studiolo?

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  1. charli says:

    I live in a fourth floor walk-up and carry my bike up and down the stairs. There was initially the option of locking it up in the basement laundry room, but that made me nervous after one night. Then a couple of months later there were reports of bike thefts from the basements of other buildings owned by landlord/management company, so that’s completely out. Lucky for me my frame is relatively light, and I’ve gotten better at maneuvering the stairs with it (with some scratches and dings in the process though).

    Those Walnut Studiolo bike frame handles have gotten a fair amount of publicity, but I have a hard time imaging how I would use it on my bike. For one thing, I have a step-through frame, so I couldn’t secure the top tube under my arm like they show in that picture. Also, if the handle keeps your bike level as you carry it, it seems your front wheel would run into the stairs as you go up, and the rear wheel would bang onto the stairs as you go down. But the testimonials seem to indicate otherwise, so maybe I’m missing something?

    BTW, first time commenter, love the rain cape, love the blog!

  2. Ann says:

    Thanks for the response Charli. It looks like their models also grip the handlebars to accommodate different angles when climbing or descending stairs. As for the step through, it seems as if you could attach it in the same place for most models – that’s what I ride as well.

  3. Austin says:

    Love the gear from walnut stuidolo! I’ve had their Portage Strap on my bike since June and I’m grateful for it every day, thanks to stairs into work and stairs to my front door at home. Not to mention the many stairways in Seattle’s hillier neighborhoods. Between frame and gear I’m usually hoisting ~45 lbs.. the strap on my shoulder allows it to balance with an ideal center of gravity while replacing the hard angle of the frame with a soft curve. It also looks great next to my Brooks saddle!

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