Biking In Heels

Biking Heels for Clipless Pedals

These almost feel like a gag product, but I’m curious (via Bicivilizados). Is there a place for bicycle heels?

I ride my bike in whatever shoes I decide go with my outfit (with a few exceptions). I’ve never used clipless pedals. Why not? 1. The less than amazing shoes you have to wear with them. 2. I am a little frightened of getting stuck. 3. Probably most importantly, I just feel that I don’t need to extra performance they bring to my commute or rides around town.

Do you use clipless pedals? If no, why not? If yes, what do you love about them?

2 Responses to “Biking In Heels”
  1. Stephanie Frans says:

    I have been waiting for these for years. I currently have dual pedals…platform on one side for pretty shoes, clipless on the other for performance shoes. The latter really does make a difference as you gain the a lot of power upstroke when you are clipped in. (Especially helpful for longer, hilly or faster trips.) However, I notice these do not have a strap to hold you foot firmly in the shoe. That leaves me a ittle skeptical how well these would work under strain, as the very upstroke you are trying to achieve would pull your foot right out of the shoe.

    Perhaps Santa will gift me the opportunity to find out for myself….

  2. Kellie says:

    I love the idea of cycling heels but have the same concern as the other poster: my foot will come out of the shoe on the upstroke. Consider a bootie or even a maryjane style cycling heel. The spd clip would be resested so there wojld be no problem walking in them.

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