Iva Jean on Kickstarter

Be the first to own new pieces from our upcoming collection! Over the last year, our team has been working to expand our line. Using the same principles we always have, our new collection goes beyond the bike. We’ve developed two pants that are both tailored, minimal, comfortable, and durable. Our tops are both luxurious and practical, perfect for any situation.


Tell the world, "Hell yeah I rode my bike" with our new Iva Jean t-shirts, active infinity scarves, and our other favorite pieces.

Reveal Skirt // Two-way Reflective Vest
Daily Blouse // Waterproof Rain Cape


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Pastel City Style

City Style | Pastels With Bite

Honestly, I’m a little shy of pastels. Sometimes those sherbet hues are over-sweet. But looks like these keep the sugar to a minimum and fit perfectly into the city landscape. A witty mix of tailored pieces with casual ones creates the kind of surprise that gets my attention and turn heads on a bike. I [...]